• Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat A319 Los Angeles To Seattle

  • The choice of an airline determines your overall travel experience. When flyers look for flight tickets, they prefer airlines offering spacious seats, excellent in-flight amenities, and crew services. If you consider a low-cost airline to book a flight ticket from Los Angeles to Seattle, Spirit Airlines can be the best choice. You can choose to book an economy seat in Spirit Airlines or its Big Front Seat that is like the first-class seat in a domestic airline with an airfare 50 % lesser than any traditional airline.

    Spirit’s Big Front Seats are in the first two to three rows of each jet aircraft. They come in a 2-2 arrangement and have 36 inches of pitch and 18.5 inches of width. They have an extra six inches of legroom than the economy seats, enhancing space and comfort. Like all other seats, they are pre-reclined.


    How Much You Need to Pay for the Big Front Seat

    When you select the Big Front Seat, you need to pay an extra fee that depends on the flight route, fare class (Bonus or Total), time of purchase, and other factors like elite status. It may range from $40-$140. You can choose to book a Big Front Seat at the time of online booking or ask a flight attendant to upgrade your seat based on availability. You will most likely get the best value for money when you choose the Big Front Seat at the time of booking or at least 24 hours before the flight. If you have gained Gold elite status, you will save a few dollars on buying a Big Front Seat.


    Are Big Front Seats Worth the Cost?

    Booking Big Front Seats for a short or long-haul flight makes sense when you want more space and comfort, and you have to pay less than the economy class ticket of another airline. Budget travelers who have to book tickets for four passengers in the group for a round trip may find the seat upgrade fees to be quite high that they would like to skip.

    Hence, it all boils down to weighing all the factors like price, comfort, saving, and other factors before booking Big Front Seats. When you compare Big Front Seats of Spirit with other airlines, you will find that overall it provides the best value for money and comfort in the sky to flyers looking for a little more than just the cheapest available seat.

    Besides, booking Big Front Seats can let you earn 12 to 20 points per dollar based on your elite status in the Spirit’s Frequent Flyer Program. You are likely to gain a 13-22% return in Spirit Points on the dollars you spend to reserve these seats.

    Find out if your budget accommodates the extra cost of Spirit Airlines Big Front Seats and book it without any concern as your back and mood will thank you for your decision to invest some extra in the journey.